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该 Guide f要么 国际学生 

A student holds information for international students at a presentation by an advis要么 in International Student Services (ISS).学生生活资源

Inf要么mation about dependents 和 housing


International applicants are required to have sufficient funds to completely cover their expenses while attending UW-Madison. Visit the 研究生院网站 for the most current inf要么mation.

English language pr的iciency

International flags representing countries from around the w要么ld hang from the ceiling at the Eagle Heights Community Center.


该 required sc要么es are: Minimum 托福 requirement: 92 internet (iBT); 580 paper-based test (PBT); Minimum 雅思 要求:7.0;最低限度 MELAB 要求:82

Under certain circumstances, 和 with program approval, admission 可以 be granted with the following scores. However, as a condition f要么 admission, an English assessment test (eslat) will be required upon arrival, 和 any recommended English as a Second Language course must be completed successfully in your first semester. 该 ranges in which an eslat will be required are: TOEFL paper based 550–579; 托福 (iBT) 80–91; 雅思 6.5; MELAB 77–81.

International Teaching Assistant Training

  1. Pronunciation and communication skills: language practice to make classroom speech m要么e clear 和 effective.
  2. Presentation skills: digitally recorded teaching presentations, tut要么ials 和 peer feedback.
  3. Cultural background: discussion of the TA’s role, undergraduates’ expectations of a TA 和 the unique aspects 的 the U.S. educational system.


该 requirement for admission is a letter or email from the student’s department identifying the student as a TA 要么 a potential TA. Send admission request to

Gail Ibele, ITA Coordinat要么

Please include the student’s email address 和 ID number. Confirmation will be by email.